The History of Tea: Earl Grey

What Makes an Earl Grey?

Earl Grey tea blends are classically known as the black tea (Camellia sinensis) with a hint of bergamot orange.  This special citrus is known as a sour orange and originates from a small citrus tree in Italy. Bergamot oranges are quite sour, so as opposed to being consumed juiced, an oil made from them is used in tea. The black tea base of course being from China, which had been around for centuries. 

Who is Earl Grey?

This tea blend's namesake is to Britain's prime minister in the 1830s, Charles Grey, who received a  gift of tea flavoured with bergamot oil. Lady Grey would serve this tea in London, which became extremely popular and was later sold, which is how Twinings began. 

What is Earl Grey like Today?

Earl grey is extremely popular as a tea itself, but has also rose to stardom in it's latte form, the London Fog. A London Fog is an Earl Grey tea, brewed with vanilla and frothed with milk. Iced London Fogs are also popular, served as a cold brewed tea over ice and milk. There are also many creative blends of Earl Grey to try, with ingredients like lavendar, jasmine blossoms, rose petals, and lemongrass to spice things up! You can also try a Earl Green or Earl White, done with a green or white tea base instead of a black tea base, and flavoured with bergamot oil!

Be sure to try our Madame Grey blend, which remains quite classic to Earl Grey, done with a black tea base infused with bergamot, citrus peel and safflower. All ingredients are organic and natural, producing the best quality cup. Try it also in our Earl Grey Macaron! These rich treats will bring you back to London in the 1830s.